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Italian Countryside

This gorgeous shoot was modeled after the Italian countryside energy in Northern Piedmont region of Italy. These scene captures focused on style for marketing tools for the owner of Girl in the Dressing Room - who actually works with FILMSCENE to style other shoots!

Airbnb: Australia

Had the pleasure of working with a gorgeous property in Australia to showcase the true experience of staying there. We focused on real scenes in the space, as well as some action around the local town.

Harvest Cafe

Had the honor of photographing scenes for my favorite local cafe in Park City, UT. We wanted to capture the true atmosphere you experience when you are at Harvest, and we did just that! 

Western Love

A stunning couple who live a western lifestyle fell in love. Take a look into their romantic energy in the flawless land of the American West.

Folk & Leaf Cafes

Two incredible Australian cafes needed some scene captures of the energy the cafes brought. I snapped some authentic scenes that happened naturally.


This indoor-outdoor storefront for Yoli&Otis was a wonderful space to capture. Such a fresh, clean, open vibe.


A mix of editorial shots for various brands and stylists.


A mix of various shots for actors and models for their portfolios, submission photos, castings and agencies.


Every artist needs to market themselves. Capturing unique style is a must.

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